Transforming the Global Infrastructure Market through Technology

Infra-Tech Capital is a Singapore-based fund focused on investing private equity in companies utilizing technology to provide improved infrastructure services, generate higher returns and help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We have the investment experience and operational expertise in the infrastructure and technology markets as well as an established network of government relations in emerging markets to pioneer development of the infra-tech market.

Singapore offers a unique combination of capital, technology, urban management expertise and financial market framework to address the global infrastructure challenge. Our business model leverages Singapore’s robust infrastructure, technology & financial market ecosystems.

Impact objectives are integrated into our investment and portfolio management methodology. We work with our investee companies and leverage our network of operational relationships to help achieve SDGs in key infrastructure sectors.


The State of Global Infrastructure Market

Global population is projected to grow by almost 2 billion people by 2040. Rural to urban migration trends continue worldwide, swelling the urban population by 49% — creating a massive demand for urban infrastructure.

Global infrastructure investment needs are estimated to be $97 trillion by 2040, with a projected shortfall of $18 trillion. Governments cannot afford to finance the investment gap, and public-private partnerships, accounting for only 5-10% of infrastructure investments, have failed to attract sufficient amount of private capital.

Old Technology

Use of obsolete technologies perpetuates inefficiencies and centralized delivery models, leading to lack of private competition and limited choice for consumers.

Government Bureaucracy

Financing and delivery of infrastructure often requires excessive government involvement, which leads to bureaucratic delays and corruption.


Infrastructure assets require long-term investments, which are currently illiquid and non-tradeable, and therefore only a small pool of investors can invest in them.

Disrupting the Multi-Trillion Dollar Global Infrastructure Market

The Infra-tech market is growing exponentially.

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchains and Renewable Energy are providing more efficient and cheaper ways to deliver infrastructure services.

Infra-tech minimizes the role of governments, creates market competition, and offers choice to consumers and businesses.

Importantly, infra-tech solutions offer unparalleled potential to deliver impact vis-à-vis the SDGs.

About Us


We are the first global fund pioneering the expansion of the emerging global infra-tech market.

We utilize our combined infrastructure and technology market experience of almost 80 years, 250+ projects and total investment of over $15 billion in infrastructure and technology to help expand the footprint of technology in the global infrastructure market.

We offer an unprecedented combination of domain knowledge, operational experience and network of government relationships to mainstream the use of disruptive technologies in infrastructure provision. We have the market credibility to evaluate infra-tech business models and provide endorsement and validation to investee companies.

We leverage our expertise and established operational partnerships to help our investee companies achieve SDG impact in key infrastructure sectors, focusing particularly on:

  • SMART Cities (clean environment and efficient, equitable urban service delivery)
  • Clean, affordable mobility (access to economic opportunities, clean environment)
  • Clean, affordable energy (clean environment, access to energy)

As a Singapore-domiciled fund and a Singapore-based team with exceptional connectivity across Asia we are able to leverage Singapore’s competitive advantage in the emerging global infra-tech market

  • We help to register our investee companies in Singapore and offer them a Singapore-based platform to help expand their infra-tech footprint in Asia
  • We also support and facilitate partnership and technology transfer between our investee companies and local companies in Asia with good operational track records
About Us

Investment Thesis

(Infrastructure + Technology) Investments = High Returns + Market Transformation

Traditional infrastructure investors are locked in project funding models. Infra-tech investments require models for investing in infrastructure companies utilizing disruptive technologies. Infra-Tech investments offer higher returns, reduced government risk and shorter investment horizons.

We invest equity in infrastructure companies utilizing technology to provide improved services and generate higher returns. Our target investments include renewable energy, battery storage, green urban mobility, AI-based energy-efficient water purification, IOT-based smart city development, clean technologies, among others.

Infra-Tech Capital was established to meet the very high barriers to entry in the infra-tech investment market which include infrastructure & technology investment experience; infrastructure domain expertise; operational experience; and an established network of very strong government relationships.

We leverage our expertise, experience and network of relationships to ensure that our investments have Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) impact.


Prospective Deals

Company 1

IoT-enabled LED street lights for SMART City applications including traffic management, parking and waste management


Target markets: Asia, North America, Latin America

Company 2

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imagery and remote sensing to detect leaks and reduce nonrevenue water in water supply systems, sewage systems, and natural gas lines

Target markets: Asia, North America, Europe

Company 3

AI and machine learning based predictive maintenance with industry leadership position in telecom and application for power transmission and other industries requiring distribution infrastructure

Target markets: Asia, North America, Latin America


Who We Are

Kamran M. Khan, CEO

$12B+ Infra investments
100+ deals; Advisor to G-20, APEC, ASEAN
Obama Administration; GS, JPM LEK
Chicago Booth MBA

Joshua Hong

$500M+ tech investments
IMI Holdings, K2 Networks, PlaySpan,
Exponential Capital, Mind AI
Chicago Booth MBA

Mark Hulak

$2B+ tech investments,
due diligence, and M&A advisory
Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan
Harvard Business School

Babatunde Onitiri

$3B+ Infra investments; 50+ deals
Intergen, Emerging Markets Partnership
WBG Group Singapore (IFC)
Wharton MBA

Dr. Kalpana Seethepalli

$2B+ World Bank lending & advisory;
specialist in sustainability & impact
World Bank Group Singapore (WB)
Ph.D George Washington University


Vijay Pattabhiraman
Ex Managing Partner & CIO of J.P. Morgan Asia Infrastructure Fund

Cesar Purisiama
Ex Finance Secretary (Minister of Finance) Government of Philippines

Mark Johnson
Ex Vice Chairman, Macquarie Bank & Head of APEC Business Advisory Council

Harald Walkate
Head of CSR and ESG, Natixis Investment Managers


10 Anson Road, #05-17 International Plaza, Singapore 079903

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